June 2019

You've probably noticed that there's been a fair bit of road work in Beacon Hill lately. Starting with Grant, some half dozen streets have been resurfaced. Pleased about this and curious about what else might be coming, one of the Board members did a little research and found a helpful tool. The Department of Transportation and Capital Improvements has a map showing where they intend to do work on streets, sidewalks, and drainage through 2023. As it turns out, there are plans to do more Beacon Hill streets in 2021 (Capitol and Gramercy) and 2023 (Michigan, Lullwood, and Mistletoe). All welcome news. He noticed something odd though. They only intended to resurface Michigan from Fred to Fulton. This would leave the stretch from Fulton to Hildebrand untouched. If you've been on Michigan recently, you'll probably be as flummoxed by that plan as he was. It was completely backwards from what needed to be done. He sent a message to TCI explaining this and asking for a revision to their plan. Just about the time he decided they weren't going to respond (7 weeks), they wrote back. TCI had investigated and decided he was right. So they were changing the plan to include the northern section of Michigan. If you're concerned about a neighborhood issue that is under municipal control, I encourage you to contact the City. You may be able to effect some change also. If you're not sure where to start, try the District 1 office.


 The Board has been kicking around another idea to effect change for a couple months. They've been discussing community clean-up and assistance events. Neighbors coming together to help tackle a job that's too big or too expensive for one resident to handle on his or her own. This isn't a new idea. We've done things like this before with Miguel's house on French and the alley next to Blanco Star. What's different is that they'd like to make it a regular thing. Perhaps twice a year, perhaps once a month. How often depends on how many people are willing to pitch in. If this is something you'd be up for, please let us know.


- Daniel Hubbeling