March 2019

I’m never sure how to respond to people who say they have no voice in government, but also say they never vote. Can they not see that they have robbed themselves of their voice? Do they assume that, because the outcome isn’t always the one they hope for, their vote doesn’t matter. The people we elect only know as much as we tell them about what we want. And no, venting on social media doesn’t really count.

You have two great opportunities to express your desires for your neighborhood right now. The easiest (I’m talking mere minutes of your time) is to complete the survey the Board has created. Let them know what is important to you. Details are on page 3.

The other one is laid out on the front page. We have been asked some important questions. If you saw the threads related to this request on Facebook, you have an example of why that is not a good venue for productive or informative discussion. Please come to the General Assembly meeting and make your voice heard.

- Daniel Hubbeling