Happy summer, Beacon Hill. Stray dogs have obviously been an issue in our neighborhood for a long time (cats too, but that’s another discussion). The problem is not merely a nuisance or something sad to see. Most strays keep a low profile, but if you regularly walk, run, or bike in Beacon Hill, you’ve surely been threatened or attacked by loose dogs at one time or another. And the problem dogs seem to pick on the most vulnerable targets. We had an extended discussion about the situation at the May BHANA meeting with a representative from Animal Care Services (ACS), and neighbors shared stories of personal injury and pets harmed or killed. Some interventions are familiar—more responsible ownership, spay & neuter roundups, timely reporting of dog details to ACS (get the 311 app!)—but progress will not be easy. BHANA has not had an active animal care subcommittee in recent years, but I think having one could make a difference. If you’d like to be a participant in this enterprise, drop me a line: president@bhana-sa.org.