Hello neighbors. We’re taking a break from the monthly BHANA meeting this month, but we’ll gather again on Monday, August 10 (location will be revealed in the August newsletter). Big thanks to Aubrey Sova for stepping up to lead our animal care committee revival. One goal of this committee is to collect information about specific problems from neighbors so that we can improve our ability to appeal for solutions. If you’ve got an animal problem, you should alert the city (Animal Care Services) via 311 and keep Aubrey in the loop. If the problem is not resolved quickly, we will try to support your appeal for help. And let Aubrey know if you’d like to help with the committee. Also, as we discussed in our June meeting, BHANA is looking for ways to improve our communication and personal connections with the older people in our neighborhood—our living libraries of Beacon Hill history, and the people who probably could benefit the most from the helping hands of neighbors. One proposed idea would involve featuring stories of and by village elders in our newsletter or perhaps in a community gathering—let us know if you would like to tell your story or nominate a storyteller!