April 2017

Spring is here: Easter, Fiesta, and National Poetry Month. Ms. Eller will be hosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Beacon Hill playground in the Linear Park and at Cotton Elementary. That is funny, don’t you think? Cotton and Easter Egg Hunt? I once taught a girl named Bunny Hopkins but she didn’t live in Beacon Hill, and I knew a man who went to a high school with a football team called the “Fighting Bunnies,” but that wouldn’t happen in Texas unless it was one of those mean West Texas rabbits.

The Beacon Hill Community Garden is in full bloom and a great place to take children to see the butterflies and to take pictures. How would you feel about a dog park in the linear park? There was a picture on the Beacon Hill Facebook recently of a blind dog sitting in the middle of the street in a pink sweater and a cat showed up at someone’s door with a pink hoodie. Maybe we can find something pink for Menudo, the neighborhood pot-bellied pig or perhaps for those wayward goats that were eating flowers last year. I was thinking that it would be fun to have a pet parade in the linear park maybe for next Fiesta. The theme could be pink. It would save a lot of people from having to buy costumes.

It isn’t even April as I write this, but April 1st is around the corner. I would not want to be fooled into thinking that don’t need volunteers to work on issues like dog parks, welcome packets, crime, Easter Egg Hunts, newsletter distribution, community plans, and education.

Enjoy the lovely weather!