Jan 2017

Dear Beacon Hill Neighbors, Late on Christmas Eve a tired mother returned home from working all day, with her two teenage girls and her four-year-old son, to a house that had been robbed. The window had been smashed and the thieves emptied her fridge, had taken her television, and worse, had taken the gifts from under the tree. She reached out on the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Facebook page mostly to inquire about what she could do besides the police report. She also said that her two teenage girls would be fine, but that the hardest part was the disappointment of her four-year-old son who would wake up Christmas morning to think that Santa had abandoned him. Our Beacon Hill neighbors came to the rescue immediately. Although it was late Christmas Eve, in the true spirit of Christmas, people ventured out to bring gifts to the child in the night. Gifts were wrapped, people inquired about her daughters’ sizes, food was brought, and people volunteered to board up her window. The mother posted a picture of her son Christmas morning beaming with his new toy truck in delight. Her words to her neighbors will stay with me for a long time: “I have so much gratitude and love for everyone. You guys turned a horrible and scary event into an awe moment for me. There are no words. I thought my kids weren’t going to have a Christmas. You guys made today possible and for that you are my Angels. I couldn’t sleep, and at 6 am when I finally did my son woke me up screaming Santa came last night. The tears it brought to my eyes. You guys made that happen. God bless you and thank you for being Santa. I’m forever in your debt. Merry Christmas. I feel so comforted knowing someone is there. We are not alone. That’s the best feeling in the world. Thank you.” Another neighbor noted on Christmas morning: “I just want to say that watching this neighborhood come together to help a fellow neighbor, at 11pm on Christmas Eve when she was robbed of all the gifts for her kids, is seriously awe inspiring! THIS is what the season is all about and y’all are AMAZING!!” Happy New Year, Beacon Hill! We are so blessed with community. May it be even stronger in 2017!