April 2016

I’ve been asked on occasion, why I or why the Board hasn’t done something. There is no “I” or “them”; there is only “we.” We work together to create improvements in our community. It is the only way we can have power with our local governments. What improvements we would like to work towards is up to us. No one can do something for you. But we can do it for ourselves if we work together. I have been talking to neighbors and some of their concerns about improvements that can be made in Beacon Hill. One gentleman on Agarita and Woodlawn said that we need sidewalks up to the railroad tracks as he sees people who have handicaps, as well as children and elders, struggle with the crossings. Another neighbor would like to see her alley reopened along French and Russell, and yet another points out the flooding and drainage issues in her area. One resident complained about the poor conditions of our streets. Some community members have discussed the need for a more complete and closer senior center, while others have talked about programs that create and sustain affordable housing. Sidewalks are going in on many of our blocks now, but many of our streets still don’t have any sidewalks at all. How would you like to see the City spend funds in Beacon Hill? Come to the April 11th meeting and get to know your neighbors and our neighborhood issues. We can do great things together.
Cynthia Merla Spielman