Calling all Beacon Hill Residents who have been to at least 1 meeting during the past year and signed in! We are looking for candidates to be on the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Association Board. 
In addition to attending the monthly neighborhood and board meetings the duties and responsibilities are as follows:

President 1) presides over monthly meetings 2) is a member of all committees 3) represents the association at various functions.

Vice President 1) stands in for the president when the president is unavailable

Secretary 1) takes notes at the meetings and makes them available to the association members

Treasurer 1) records and provides a monthly statement of the associations financial transactions 2) collects and with board approval pays out money for all financial transactions.

The elected officers and three elected directors shall constitute a board of directors /executive committee of the Association. This group shall supervise the affairs of the Association; make recommendations for the Association’s growth and prosperity; adopt any proposed amendments to these by-laws as may be deemed necessary by a majority of the board of directors; transact any business between meetings of the Association and report thereon at the next general meeting of the Association; report at the annual meeting the business transacted by the board of directors during the Association’s year; and fill vacancies in offices other than that of president for the unexpired portion of the term. This group meets monthly.